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High-profile supporters

Holger Stromberg, Chef and nutrition consultant of the German football national team

„I think it’s great that the Sky Foundation wants to motivate children to exercise. But besides that, we also have to sensitize them and set an example for them by showing that our bodies not only need to exercise but also require the right ‘fuel’. As an ambassador of the Sky Foundation I therefore want promote nutrition to give it the significance it has alongside exercise.“

Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, actor and presenter:
“For me, physical activity has played a major role since a very early age. Now as a mother I get to know how important it is for children to try out things themselves and develop a good feeling for their bodies. Therefore, the slogan of the Sky Foundation - every child has the right to move - caught my attention immediately. As a stage dancer, I find the "Gelbe Villa" project particularly great that provides children and juveniles with the opportunity to participate in workshops such as dancing theaters and hip hop for free - and thus enhance both their awareness for their own bodies and their self esteem.”

Jonas Reckermann, Olympic Champion in beach volleyball

"Even after the end of my active career, the sport plays a major role in my life. As an ambassador of the Sky Foundation I will see to passing on this passion for the sport to the next generations - because for me, working with kids is at least as much fun as a beach volleyball match!"

Guildo Horn, entertainer

"I am constantly on tour as an entertainer and ‘orthopedic stocking’ and also get to work with a huge variety of people. Cultural variety is great as everybody can learn from one another. The thought of inclusion, that is promoting the co-existence of people with and without handicaps, has always been very dear to me. And I want to commit myself to it as part of my engagement with the Sky Foundation - with all I have to offer: (Stiff) neck and (remaining) crop!"

Franziska van Almsick, former competitive swimmer and entrepreneur:
“Exercise and sports are the basis for healthy development of children. The importance of sports for survival is especially shown in swimming – children who have never learnt to swim are drowning with increasing frequency. With the Sky Foundation and the project “Heidelberger Kids auf Schwimmkurs,” I want to help make sure all children have the chance to learn to swim, do sports, keep fit and in this way, be prepared for the challenges of the future.”

Amelie Kober: Silber medal winner in snowboarding

"As an athlete I know about the importance of exercise for the physical development and a positive attitude towards life. As a young mother I want my son to grow up healthy and actively. Therefore it is particularly important for me that other children get this opportunity, too and this is the reason why I support the Sky Foundation’s mission wholeheartedly."

Carl-Uwe "Charly" Steeb, former professional tennis player:

"As a father of two healthy children, who grow up without need, I want to give hope and a perspective to those who are on the sidelines of our society. For me as a former top tennis player, sport is a driving force for that. I gained lots of experience in the course of my tennis career, and now I want to pass on some of it to children in need."

Prof. Alexander Woll, University of Konstanz:

“Two thirds of all German children are doing too little exercise – obesity, postural defects and cardiovascular diseases are the consequences of this. We all have to work against this. But only when taking care of your health is also fun and fits into the world of young people will it be healthy.”

Prof. Klaus Bös, University of Karlsruhe:

“People who are physically fit feel healthier and can concentrate better. Our studies have shown, however, that adolescents are exercising less with increasing age, above all in daily life. This is where we want to get involved.”